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Making a "Live" Knurling Tool


Aug 26, 2017
Hi all,
Has anybody ever heard of or seen anyone drive the rotation of a knurling wheel with a live axis? We do a lot of knurling on our swiss lathes but have never been able to consistently pick up a knurl where it left off after re-chucking, and are thus limited in terms of overall length. Oftentimes we are left with a witness line or shadow at the transition zone. I was thinking this could be avoided if the rotation of the knurling wheel was controlled by a live axis rather than the rotation of the stock. This way the knurling wheel and bar stock would always remain synchronized. Any thoughts on this?

Sure, you could run a dbl pinch knurl offline if you was after that, but - I'm not exactly following how you are expecting to doo this in a swiss?

You must be running an awfully long knurl if you can't git it all done in one pull.

A) Are you re-chucking before you start your cycle?

B) Are you running "through" your sub?
Is there any non-knurled place ahead of it that you can chuck onto with your sub?
If so, could you pick up late with the sub and start pulling with that for a bit while your main heads back for a bigger bite?
This would take some trial and error, but it can be done.

3) Could you put some break spots throughout the length of the knurled zone?
Like - if you are knurling 12" long, could you make it more like four 2.875" long zones, with an 1/8 or 1/4" between them them that's not knurled. Might look better, not hinder application, and make easier to produce.


I am Ox and I approve this post!
Would running the knurl in G32 thread cycle work? Seems like you could come back in like it was a thread.

Just thought maybe a taper in would line up the knurl wheels with the existing diamond patern?