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Makino F9 For Aero Job Shop/ Toolmakers


Sep 22, 2018
Looking at putting a Makino F9 against an Okuma Mb-66 and would like any one with experience on the F series with the Pro 5 to chime in with their thoughts on the machine.

We have several Okuma machines already--However the door configuration on the Makino looks like a slam dunk for large work-pieces. We occasionally rework defense aero main drive parts and climbing in and out of our machines to setup stuff up with shims/clamps etc is a real pita.

I wish they had a better spindle option, the 15K 30 horse in the Okuma is really fantastic. The 10k in the F8/F9 makes about 30% more torque but I really haven't seen the need to push that hard (we're not mold makers).

How is the Pro 5? The Okuma OSP has a pretty solid interface, setting up coordinate systems is easy, lots of common variables to save to for probing cycles and macros. I run the Renishaw "set and inspect" GUI mostly because its more robust than the Okuma probing cycles.

I see they're rolling out the PRO6 on the smaller F range but I'm wating to hear back from the Local Makino rep to see what the latest is on the big boys.

Anyones 2c would be appreciated. Thanks.