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Makino with Fanuc Control Alarm and Offsets Help


Aug 10, 2011
I started a new job and I'm new to machining so I'll be training the next couple of weeks. I'm running a Makino twin pallet with a Fanuc control with a touch screen running Windows and I'm having trouble trying to reset an alarm. Every time I watch the guy reset it, he's pressing so many button and I have no idea what he did so I asked him how he reset it and he said "sometimes you gotta just f*** with it". The alarm I'm getting is for opening the door too soon and the pallet not setting or turning because of it. I was told to reset the APC solenoid to fix it but that isn't working.

Also, could anyone help me with offsets? I'm not sure how I should figure out how much of an offset I should put when I'm starting to go out of tolerance. The guy training me changed a tool and he said it will cut too deep so you have to put an offset in. I asked how he came up with that number and he just said "I just guessed, I've been doing thing for a while so I know what to put". I guess what I'm asking is how do you figure out the math to know how much you should add or subtract for an offset. Thanks