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Manual for a Pratt & Whitney 1105 Thread Mill.


Dec 7, 2003
Texas Panhandle
I recently bought a Pratt & Whitney 1105 thread mill and as far as I can tell the machine is complete. But I need an operators manual. I would prefer to buy an original manual but I am also willing to pay for a good copy or PDF file of an original. I’ve been looking for one on Ebay with no luck.

I have found a seller that has reprints of a C model thread mill but I don’t know how applicable that would be to the 1105 model. If anyone does know the difference, can I use the C thread mill manual to run the 1105 machine?

One last thing. Does anyone know of a source for the cutters? I’ve done the Google search for thread milling cutters but all I can find is end mill and hob type cutters. I need 7/8” arbor mounted side and face cutters. I’ve been buying them on Ebay when I see them listed but if anyone knows of a supplier, even NOS, I’m all ears.