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Richard King

Jul 12, 2005
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
Yesterday a 2 time class student in Gaston Oregon asked me to come to his new shop to teach a 5 day class
He hasn't decided decided on the exact date. But I should be recovered by then to teach it.

Gaston is 50 miles west of Portland and he said there are 3 hotels. When he picks the exact date. I'll post it. He just picked up a Rockford Planer and will have up and running for the class.
He has 3 people who he said want to come. We're trying to get 4 to 5 more students. You don't need to have any tools or experience. You can see info on my classes by searching on YouTube - Richard King Scraping . Email me if you can come. [email protected]. thanks


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Hey all,

I'm excited to be hosting the class! I will post some pics of my shop in the coming days. The weather won't be great, but my shop is heated and insulated! I have plenty of nice sturdy tables, a nice 24x36 AA plate and soon to be a giant 98x55x20 surface plate. The hotels are small and simple but only 9 minutes away. I have plenty of parking, and there are plenty of good restaurants nearby.

Currently I have 4 including myself. If you're in the PNW area (or want to travel here) and are interested in taking a class, I'd love if you come join us!

My home is about 50 minutes from the airport and 35-40 minutes to downtown without traffic.

If you would like to come please send me a DM with your e-mail address, name and phone# then I will add you to the e-mail discussion!
we canceled this class after my medical health has become a bad factor in traveling. I can walk 150 feet to my shop in Cottage Grove Minnesota. I just added a monthly 2024 schedule in the new March Class mentioned above. I hope to teach in 2025, but my health has been iffy. Rich
I am Interested in attending one of your classes in Minnesota. I will be ready to sign up once you have a schedule made.