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Marvel / Famco 612 Bandsaw Parts


Aug 5, 2011
NE Texas
I have a complete Marvel/Famco 612 horiz. bandsaw that I am completely fed up with. I bought the thing locally for what I thought was a great deal and it took everything I was worth to keep from pushing the effing thing off the loading dock tonight after my latest and most calculated attempt to get the damned thing to behave had failed. I'm not looking for advice or service info here. I've already got factory prints from marvel/amada and made every check for dimensions, alignment, as well as the normal sort of tuning that bandsaws require and THERE IS SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH THIS POS...

It's but for the grace of god I don't drag this thing to the dump at this point. Anyone who needs a part for this saw let me know. I'll be asking shipping and that's it. It's complete except for the
infeed chart tag thingy..

I'll be putting up the cash for a new Wellsaw 613 period. It sucks, because i'm losing time/money on this old saw and a seriously significant amount of money (for me anyway) on the new one but damn am I done. At the end of the month I'm taking whatever is left of it to scrap, so if you need something get on it...


Limy Sami

Jan 7, 2007
Norfolk, UK
FYI I know how you feel, but please check again for ''something silly'' I didn't once and it cost me a lot of ££ I didn't HAVE to spend.