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Massey Ferguson tractor question


Cast Iron
Mar 31, 2013
Danville Virginia
Sorry for the way off topic question but I don't to join a tractor forum for one question. 165 M/F diesel, tach says "hours at 1875 rpm". Does this mean that the hour meter only logs hours at that rpm? Hopefully someone has a Massey that knows.
It sounds like it is a mechanical hour meter, so think of it as counting engine revolutions. Since most of the time you would be running at spec rpm they then equate that to hours. If you run a little faster, hours will accrue faster, if slower, then time slows down.
The above answers are correct. Just to put hours in perspective, most utility tractors don't spend all their time running at pto speed, so hours accrue slower. A rule of thumb is that a mechanical tachometer/hourmeter tractor, will show around half the hours of a newer electric tach machine, which runs up the hours in real time whenever the key is on.
A modern electric hour meter can work in one of two ways. A switched power lead that has power on when the engine is running or a motion sensing meter that runs when it feels vibration.
The second type is easier to wire in and it can be used on machines that have no engine. Like say a rotary mower. But it will probably accumulate run time just driving the tractor down the road with no pto drive on.
Bill D
1875 rpm is probably the RPM where the PTO turns at a standard speed like 540 RPM to power implements and accessory equipment like a pump or generator. Counting hours (revolutions) at that speed is a long time industry standard for determining service intervals.