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Jul 7, 2020
On a Heidenhain there is a Cycle 32 where you can set a tolerance.

Page 486 in this pdf:
I like how they also mention what to set your CAM tolerance to in that same section.

Thanks for the link, btw. Been wanting to check out one of their manuals for a while now.

Fanuc gives you a few more settings to use, but their overlap gets confusing(mostly because the manuals are very dry and unintuitive). There is Smoothing, Nano Smoothing, High Speed, Ai Contour Control 1 & 2, TCPC smoothing, TCPC high Speed smoothing, and then tolerance settings for each one. One of our machines boils it down to 4 levels with M codes that can be fine tuned in the UI. The other machine you just activate G5.1 Q1 and can set it with G5.1 Q2 L1-L10 if you want to change it.

Regardless of control, get the quality settings to output in your post based on what your CAM tolerance is set to. Then you never have to think about it.


Sep 8, 2018