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Mastercam Radius Question


May 4, 2011
Milford, Ct
My question stems from using Mastercam for doing Mill/Turn work.

If I'm engraving a circle wrapped on the OD of a part and use the C-axis, it spits code out a mile long, all G01's, and a lot of feedrate changes. If I switch to Cylindrical interpolation, it does the same exact movement code, and the only thing that changes is the code for cylindrical interpolation, and the feedrate method. Obviously the feedrate code is much easier to manipulate in Cylind/Interp than regular C-axis mill. I understand the differences between the two, and how the machine interprets them.

My question is that with Cylind/Interp the code could/should be done in G02/G03, but the movement code is identical with all G01s. There must be a check box or something that I'm missing to change/fix this. That's what I'm looking for. I'm using versions MX5 and 2017. Any guidance would be helpful.


Nov 5, 2014
Tampa area
I'm not sure (so take this as you will), but I think you need a special g-code to do what you want because moving in C and X(YZ?) will generate line segments if I am thinking correctly.Like a G06.1 for splines or... I don't know just a guess.

Are you using toolpath filtering to create arcs? Maybe adjust the filters to try and 'force' it to make arcs and see if the code changes?