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Matrix Nexus - Sub-Spindle Dwell Time Parameter?

Hi guys. Is there a parameter that will control how long the W-axis will wait before returning home during a sub-spindle transfer? I've had this issue now where the main spindle chuck doesn't have enough time to open before the W-axis returns home which causes the part to be pulled out of the jaws slightly. Best case scenario this makes the part slightly shorter. Worst case it crashes the machine.

Now I'm pretty sure this happens because of a faulty chuck. The chuck only has a jaw stroke of about 2.3 mm on the diameter but I believe it's supposed to have 8.8 mm. This is, of course, something that has to be fixed in the future but for now, a workaround solution would be to increase the dwell time after the W-axis press is complete.

What do you think? Can it be done?
The chuck clamp and unclamp timers are usually the first couple of TIM parameters. Check your electrical manual to be sure, one I pulled has TIM2 for 1st chuck unclamp. It's probably set to something like 20, which would be 2 seconds. Try doubling the value, it will need a reboot to take effect.
Is TIM the same as TIME CONST. (N)? My machine doesn't seem to have the TIM parameters.

I've looked through the N parameters but I can't find anything relating to the chuck.

These are the parameters that I have:

CMT parameter (CMT)
TAPE parameter (TAP)
DNC parameter (DNC)
Definitely do NOT change any N parameters. That is for things like servo interpolation. You're looking for the PLC parameter group. That will be RB, RS, RL, and TIM parameters.
I see. I found the TIM2 parameter now. I changed it from 200 to 400 (unit 10ms), restarted the machine, and it does seem to wait 4 seconds now BEFORE opening the chuck. The problem is I need it to wait longer AFTER opening the chuck. Do you think there is a parameter that does this? I can't find a TIM parameter that matches this description.


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I have some idea what you are referring to. But maybe not. Chuck pressure has something to do with chuck closing times. In older lathes (1999 SQT 250) chuck pressure could be an issue. Fast forward to my smooth control. Yeah, takes a snooze when doing the transfer. I will get the application gurus out here at some point to sort this out because they did tell me it is "in the parameters". Lathe makes all the parts I need so not a pressing issue. Load a 60" bar, press button and walk away. Run VMC, other CNC, or fook off.