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Matsuura i80 tool legth set up ?


May 22, 2021
Hello machinists my name is jonny this is my first post, I will attempt to do it as painlessly as possible . I recently bought an older 1996 matsurra ra1f with a yasnak i80 control. It has tool legth measure buttons on the panel but how you use it has me spun around in circles. I noticed matsuura does not have its own category so I guess I’m looking for advise on where within the forum there might be some posts about this for me to read or if anyone has some reference material to point me too? I am very very green so I’m probably missing something that others might call muscle memory but it’s so confusing to me. I can load a tool and set g54 and run a part with one tool but setting up offsets and subsequent tools seems impossible . Thanks in advance