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Matsuura MC500V with Yasnac MX2 post processor

JD Lyles

May 13, 2024
Found a great condition duel 4axis Richmill Matsuura MC500V to learn on with RS232 transfer issues. Finally fixed it with a Cimco V6 feeding code directly from my computer thru the tape reader port.

Now I'm dialing in a post processor but am finding that modern CAM is using gcode that's not compatible with the Yasnac MX2

I purchased the Mastercam post but still modifying it with the engineers
Autodesk has a generic Yaskawa post but I haven't tried it yet
Having some great communication with GibbsCAM
Will be definitely talking to SolidCAM soon but hoping to hear what has been working for you.
MeCAM's fingers got worn out after the first 500 lines.

I'm also still figuring out the 4th axis Richmill control using M21 G4 and P commands. Any help would be appreciated

Love this industry and enjoying the knowledge
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It’s been awhile but I used to program that machine with that control. I used a standard fanuc post in Mastercam. There really wasn’t anything special about it
Thanks for the reply.
After waiting weeks to hear back from the engineers... I had a job interviewee come in with his own Mastercam seat and post a generic Fanuc program that did work well.
So awesome to finally see the chips flying !!! Now I'm really hooked.

The OEM stated to run circles in quadrants and I'm still going to compare the different processors code.

I really can't wait to see the Richmill 4th axis in action.