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Mattthemuppet's eBay Shoppe round 2


Apr 22, 2016
San Antonio
Hi all,

Grades have been submitted and other than some family stuff and research over the summer I'm a free agent, so time to get back to shifting the piles of tooling in my garage.

I shall be aided by the ever faithful Caramel
Here's my list of items. It will be changing pretty much every week as I list things and auctions finish, so I'll update this thread with new items. Some things I have multiples of others is just the one.
eBay Shoppe
Nice collection of SAE taps from 2-56 to 1/2-20
Some large chunks of HSS and brazed carbide
Some smaller chunks of HSS and brazed carbide
Handy collection of small solid carbide endmills
Set of solid carbide chamfer mills
REALLY nice collection of through coolant solid carbide drills
An equally lovely set of 5/16" Nachi cobalt stub drills
Big lot of solid carbide thread mills
Prices are on eBay, typically I start my lots at $10, with some exceptions (the carbide drills for example are $20).

I'm sure digger doug the resident grouchy grandpa will still find something to object to about that ..
Some MT3 and 4 drifts
A MT5 short to 5C lathe spindle nose adapter
A mystery taper to MT4
lathe spindle nose adapter
Eight Mod 1.25 lathe change gears for a 12"+ import lathe
Last lot for this round, as we're off on a short holiday on the 10th (20th wedding anniversary) and I want to get everything out the door before we go.

17-1/2lbs of carbide for resharpening
Mixed lot of countersinks
Shars 2" Z height zero setter
Partial set of number drill blanks
Partial set of letter drill blanks
Partial set of fractional drill blanks
Mahoosive tool post
Starter set of measuring gear

I'll add the next lot when we get back
I like the set of carbide thread mills. I had a look at the eaby listing, will you ship to Canada? Your friendly neighbour to the north with lots of oil, water and a few good hockey players….
No problem shipping to Canada at all, the package would go through eBay's international shipping program. I couldn't tell you a final shipping cost unfortunately, as I don't see that side of things, only the shipping to the US port from where it'll get sent to Canada.
I just tried to place a bid and got the message that the item cannot be shipped to Canada. Maybe you have to opt in to the international shipping program?
Just guessing as I have only bought on ebay never sold anything.
I also forgot to ask about the mystery #4 taper adapter.
Can you measure the large od,small od and the length?
Also can you check if it is hardened? If it is the right size I may be able to adjust it to fit my DSG lathe.
Hmm, I had a look and there should be nothing stopping you from my end - international shipping is enabled. I have had an issue in the past where the item I was trying to sell was subject to re-export controls back to Canada (a roll burnishing tool if you can believe it) and the guy in Canada couldn't bid on it. Only way you can find out if that's the case it's too get in touch with eBay directly. Super weird, but it's the only thing I can think of.

As for the mystery taper adapter the large+small OD sizes and taper length are in the item pics (or at least they should be). I'll check for hardness in the morning.

edit - just checked and only one pic uploaded for that auction, weird. I still had them on my phone so uploaded them. Sorry about that
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For international shipping the long story short is that anything business or industrial can't be shipped through eBay's international shipping service, something to do with customs according to Joseph at eBay. I've added my own international shipping to all the lots without bids. Those with bids cannot be modified unfortunately, but I've sent you an email Michael with another possible solution.

Pretty weird as I've shipped probably twenty or more lots of tools through eBay's international shipping. Guess they've changed their rules.