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Mauser Schuler Project


Apr 16, 2020
Hey all
I just finished revamping my Argentine 1891 Mauser, the project was a success, now working out of my junk box to see what else I can come up with. I have had an 11.2 x 60 Mauser/Schuler project on my bucket list for some time. These Mausers were built for the African trade on a modernized, smokeless version of the 11.15 x 60 Mauser black powder cartridge. The rim was rebated to fit the standard '98 Mauser 8mm bolt face, and the shoulder angle was increased to help with headspace. The original cartridge used a .440 cal 332 grain round nose solid or soft point that was considered unreliable on heavy game. Not to mention the propensity for the '98 bolt to "skip" over a rebated rim on occasion, most certainly when it was least convenient for it to do so. The gun was not popular with the PH's by all accounts.

I have a few receivers in inventory, none of which will work without some alteration. I have another Model 1891 Argentine, a huge favorite of mine, the bolt is junk, but the receiver, while heavily pitted, is salvageable. The material is there to mill in any and all correct rail shapes for a double stacker. I see no problem cutting the same deep thumb notch for loading that the '98 has, and I see no problem cutting the same two oblong holes in front of and in back of the extractor collar on the bolt to vent gasses that the '98 has. The 1889/38 Belgian was an 1891 fitted with an M91 bolt fitted with an M98 bolt sleeve and parts, so that can and has been done. I wish to start with a square bottom M93 bolt and extractor in order to gain some feeding reliability, add a guide rail and a safety lug, and fit the M98 firing pin, bolt sleeve and cocking piece to handle gas better. The cartridge I will wildcat, using the .429 diameter to take advantage of the huge variation of cast and jacketed bullets available, being a shouldered, larger-bodied rebated rim version of the .444 Marlin. Pressures I expect will stay below the 40,000 threshold.