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Maybe someone can help - old dead Mazak lathe - EIA-T controller


Dec 7, 2019
I am a hobbyist machinist with some machinery in my garage. Awhile ago I bought a cheap Mazak QT-8 with an EIA-T controller at an auction, sight unseen, hoping I could use it to learn on.

Anyway, DOA - control battery was dead and it lost all parameters. Unfortunately it came with no documentation. I did manage to find a mechanical operation book, but nothing for the controller. I contacted Mazak but they were not very helpful - strangely, their biggest concern seemed to be verifying that I wasn't involved in the manufacture of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" with my 1983 lathe. I thought that was pretty odd.

Anyway, if anyone knows anything about this lathe or has a direction to point me in I'd appreciate it. Otherwise I may need to call a scrapper and get rid of the thing and try again.


this is a picture from the internet, but the same machine.