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Mazak 250-II M Matrix Nexus 221 turret clamp sensor


Dec 26, 2008
Bethlehem Pa USA
Hello everyone, I started up my machine this morning and as I went to tool change, Nothing happened. Then 20 seconds later I get 221 Turret Clamp sensor malfunction. I pulled the little cover from the turret and I see a hall effect sensor lit up green. See picture attached. I was able to remove the spacer and the green light turned off, which leads me to believe its working i think, so I put it right back on. When i hit the turret unclamp button, nothing happens either. So whatever is responsible for unclamping is the issue i think. Going to give Mazak a ring Monday morning but wanted to see if anyone on here had any input to help me out. ThanksIMG-6289.jpg
So, Come Monday morning and its working like it should. I tried shutting it down 2 times Saturday morning and that did nothing. I'll still give mazak a call and will reply back if I get any more info.