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Mazak Discover 2023

Mr. Atoz

Oct 5, 2022
I just got back from the Mazak facility in Florence. There were a large number of machines doing demos. Some pretty impressive stuff. I'm not a Swiss guy, but Mazak seems to have gotten into Swiss style machines in a big way. The hot wire deposition machine was interesting. Like a heavy duty 3D printer that also allowed for 5 axis machining on the printed part. We went to look at the Integrexes, mostly. The head is now considerably smaller with more horses. Clearance is king. We submitted a solid model of one our parts and had them run it through their new Solid Mazatrol. It did pretty well, but did not know what to do with a couple of the features. All in all, I liked it. The software for programming gear cutting seems to be remarkably simple. Only thing I regret, not hitting the Bourbon Trail while I was there.