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MAZAK QT-6G with Flex operator manuals for EIA DASH


Nov 16, 2008
Arizona, USA
Looking for the operator and repair manuals for the MAZAK QT-6G CNC Lathe with a FLEX G-6 Gantry and EIA DASH controls. I think it's EIA DASH controls only with no MAZATROL conversational features. The former owner said it takes Fanuc commands (G Code). It's a 1998 model that was operational when I bought it. Had the manuals but can't find them and if you have some I'm in the market. I posted pics of the machine and screen shots of the controller. At this point it doesn't get past an illegal interrupt error of which I posted a screen shot. The other pic showing the booted and operational screen was a while back, I think maybe the battery died. I do have a floppy with the parameters on it in the control cabinet. If anyone knows of a MAZAK Tech in or around the Phoenix AZ area I'd be interested also.