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Mazak T32-3 initialization


Mar 8, 2012
New Zealand, Thames
Hi guys,
I have an old Mazak Mega Turn A12N m/c turning center with a T32-3 control that had its operating system crash. We had the Mitsubishi technicians come in and they confirmed that we needed to reinitialize the NC. We had originally got the machine 2nd hand and did not get many manuals with it. I found a procedure for this on a form site and carried it out. We did this a couple of days ago but unfortunately since doing so, we had been unable to do pallet changes or tool changes. The rest of the machine appears to be back working fine. We have had the Mitsubishi guys checking through the PLC ladder and found that a couple of parameters had loaded from the EPROM wrong and once changed the pallet changer is now working correctly. I still need to sort the tool changer out. When i try an do a tool change the machine does nothing but the cycle run light is on so it looks like its waiting for something. I had backed up the machine movement/tool changer macros about a year ago so was able to load these back in. The 1st macro tells the machine to rapid to the machine home position and it wont even do this. I suspect it is a machine parameter that is still wrong but we are lost as to where next to go with this. Any help with this or maybe any manuals anyone may have for this type of controller relating to initial setup would be really appreciated



Sep 1, 2018
Hi Jake, could you please tell me the reading parameters procedures you did? I have a ST28n with t32-3... without any parameter. Of course the machine is not working.
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Jul 31, 2010
Rochester, NY USA
A missing instruction in all of these initialize instructions is the need to have the program lock switch in the enable position to successfully initialize the control.


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