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Mazak T32-3 Manuals


Oct 17, 2012
Does anybody happen to have (a) programming manual(s) for Mazatrol T32-3? (SQT lathe)
Mine are in German and need a lot of time to translate...:scratchchin:

Mazak guys over here aren't very helpful either...
Hi Justin,

I have a SQT15M T+ control and missing the basic Mazatrol programing manual for that machine. The one I'm referring to has the basic Mazatrol information for tool setup and 2 axis programming. I do have the 3 axis programming manual if anyone needs it.

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Mazak Manuals

i don't have t 32 but i have tplus books in pdf too big to post let me know if you want me to email them

Dear Justin,
I also got a Mazak Slant Turn 28N ATC MC (M32-3) from a tech school in Brazil.
The mechanics are like new, since it was n't used in production, only demonstrations... but I do not have any manuals.
Could you please share the manuals with me?
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Eduardo - whatsapp +5511 966974533

PS - the picture is my dad and I when we bought the lathe


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Manuals needed

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Can anyone send a copy my direction? I have a friend with a T32-2 Lathe control and it has a Z-Axis soft limit alarm when trying to home the Lathe. I am trying to help but do not know any of the Mazak parameters to even try.