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Mazak T32-3 parameters needed


Mar 8, 2012
New Zealand, Thames
Hi Guys

Does anyone have a list of parameters for a T32-3 Mazatrol controller. I have a parameter book but the pitch error comp parameters, machine parameters No. 5 - 11 and Machine parameter system parameters are omitted. We have just had to reinitialize our machine and there are some parameters that are not right.
If anyone has a copy of a parameter manual they could email me that would be much appreciated.
Dave can you send me the T32-3 parameter manual I have a problem with G96. When the tool is programmed to X0 the spindle slows down.
Thank You
Just got a new machine. had the mechanical manual, maintenance manual and some kind of piping/wiring manual. Definitely no programming manual, and it seems no where with the parameters saved in case the computer runs out of juice waiting.