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Mazatrol T32-2 language


Nov 12, 2019
Hi all,
We have recently purchased two Mazak QT8N's from the early 90's, and they are both Mazatrol T32-2 in Dutch language. I started the registration process with Mazak, but for my country (and as I read for every one's probably) it takes up to 4 weeks to complete the registration process and have an offer for the language EPROMs, which as it turns out, are the only way to convert the machines in English language.
What I'd like to ask is if anybody here, by any chance, has the T32-2 in English language, knows which EPROM's are the language ones (as the documentation for it in the internet is quite nonexistent), has an EPROM reading device, and at best would like to share a file with a copy of the language EPROM.
I am very well aware that it is an incredibly long shot, but any information about the topic would be great.

1. From what I've read in the internet there is not a parameter switch for the T32-2, but it is a hardware change, that switches the language, but am I right?
2. If it is indeed EPROM related, is copying of the EPROM to an empty EPROM possible, or are they protected anyhow?
3. Could you do it for me? I would gladly pay for it.
I think the language is on the floppy disk.
My T32-6 floppy is marked "SWE" for swedish, and I know that the machine is from Germany.
I can make copies of these disks but I dont have the disk you want.
I can also make eprom copies if needed, T2,T3 & T4 has language on eproms.
I believe that I do not have floppy disks in the T32-2 control, instead I think it is the "Memory card" on the pictures below, as there is a mark on the Dutch language there.
I found some similar cards, with ENG marked, in ebay, and I wonder if the version (hand-written or stamped on the label - A(n),B(n),C(n)) - matters or there would be major software differences, as it seems that the software is also on the memory card in question.
I thought all T32-X had a boot floppy.
I would prefer to have my software on eproms, now I have it on a USB memmory in a floppy emulator.
A T2/T3/T4 has the language on 2 separate eproms, if that is the same here you can keep your software version and just replacing the language chips.
Let me know if you need help copying any eprom.
I have ordered two memory cards from e-bay for my lathes that are supposed to be in English, so for now I should be good without copying the EPROMs. Nevertheless, I'm considering purchasing an EPROM read/write device and a UV furnace for backup purposes. From what I've read, the process must be pretty straightforward, but isn't it the case with everything that you haven't still started :).
Right now I'm stuck with identifying which are the language EPROMs on the card, as I was warned that the other ones contain software that is most probably machine-specific. If I can not find any documentation, or someone who knows about it, I will pretty much start to replace them one by one from the new card to the old one, booting with the E stop pressed, until the language changes. Please let me know if you don't think that would be a good idea. Herein attached is a better photo without the cover of the EPROMs in case somebody recognizes them from a similar system.
Hmm, can it be this easy...
Label says:
Main A = A6
Main B = A6
Language = DUT A4

On the board you have:
Rom A
Rom B
Rom C (Can these be the language roms?)
Now, when you put it this way, the question is what would happen if I just remove the bottom row ot eproms. I'm strongly considering trying it. I suppose it would boot in Japanese, at best, as the English language memory cards that I ordered from e-bay have the bottom row of eproms:

Would you think that something might get wrong if I try this?
So I wonder if my floppy disk only contains the language then.
I have read the topic where you wrote that you have successfully read the floppy and have an image file that you currently use to boot the machine. Have you tried opening it with a HEX editor? Maybe it is uncompressed and you would find the language string values? I thought about this, if I read the EPROM-s, open the files with a HEX editor and replace some of the data with my language, to make it easier for the operators.
I tried to remove the entire bottom row at first, and only the last two eproms after not succeeding to start. The result in both cases is "Illegal exception" and the control not booting, so I guess the addresses of the EPROM's are declared either on the first one, or on one of the other IC's on the board.

Something else, that I found out, is that one of my machines has A6 A6 A4 and the other is C7 C7 C6. Tried to switch the both cards, and although the machines are movable, there are errors (alarms) that are tool eye, lubricating, and turret related. I suppose that the wiring for the A and C versions is a bit different. I have ordered two cards that are C(n) version in English, so it seems that one of my machines will be usable, but the other will either need wiring modification, either I have to try if a software of version "A" would work with language eproms of version "C", that is in case that I manage to succesfully locate the language ones.
I have done some spell correction with an hex editor on my Swedish T3 but I found some difficulties.
1, T3 has 2 language eproms (even & odd) and the words are splited between them, the word "POSITION" is "PSTO" in one chip and "OIIN" in the other chip.
2, There is a checksum check so after I have done my changes I got a checksum error, to get around that I changed som characters in a unused area until I got the same checksum.

Here you can see I changed the text "Load-Meters" to "HAGSTROM-SYSTEMS" that is my company name.
Hello, i have 2 eng boards MC419 from ebay, i have replaced original german eprom board with this eng.
everything works, but i have problem with simulation screen,
see my post: Simulation problem with Mazatrol T32-3
on original german language board works fine, but on eng is problem with simulation.