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Mazatrol Unfinished Tool Set - Alarm 814


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Hi All,

I'm new to Mazak lathes, and trying to get my first program running on a QT15N that has a T32-2 control. I'm just getting the lathe going. The seller said that he had just replaced the batteries, and downloaded the parameters.

I have the Mazatrol program written, and put the tool information into the Tool Data (1), (2), and Tool Offset pages. It is my understanding that Mazatrol programs only use the Tool Data pages, and EIA only uses the Tool Offset pages.

When I go to the Tool Path page, the Shape softkey shows the shape properly, but when I press the Check Continue softkey, I get the error 814 Unfinished Tool Set. From what I can see, I have all the tool information for Tool 8 entered. I don't see what I'm missing.

I've searched the forum and seen some other threads with people who had a similar problem. In those threads the problem seemed to resolve itself without the poster knowing what was done to fix the issue.

Can anyone see any missing information in my setup?


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Thanks for the reply Ender.

I gave that a try. Unfortunately, no change resulted. I still get the same error.

I wonder if there is something in the parameters missing regarding tooling. Perhaps that is where the missing data is??


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Mine is kinda funky like that too.

So far my solution has been to delete the tool entirely and start over, usually watching a 'Mazak Tips & Tricks' video (THANK YOU, PHILABUSTER), to walk me through it.

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I have to admit, I have never touched a T32 control. We skipped that one and went to a T+ control. I do not know what the Gno. is referring to but this field is blank. Place the cursor over this area and see what options you get in the soft keys. Does this control have a tool file page like the previous T2 control?

Also, like Ender said, there is nothing indicating a letter A. The fields need to match from the program to the tool data page.


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I tired the delete and start over on the tool data, and didn't see a change.

I can't cursor into that GNo. column. If I'm on the Shape column and left cursor, it wraps me back to the next tool above.

I had a look at Phil's video setting the V insert, and from that it looks like the T32 just rearranges the data for tools a bit. It looks like all the columns in Tool Data and Tool File on Phil's control (is that a T-3?) are present in the pages the T32 call Tool Data (1) and Tool Data (2).


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Want me to look at mine later? Have the same control.

Do you have a copy of the programming manual? I have a .pdf copy I can share.

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I came across your thread on the ACME thread cutting, and your tool pages look about the same as mine from what I can see. You don't have anything in the GNo. column. Your general and grooving tools look about the same, other than you have the holder width set to 0.

Acme threading, Mazak T32

I have a copy of the programming manual. I would like a pdf version though so I can keep it on both my shop computers.


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I think I have this one licked.

I did two things:
1) Set the date and time on the clock.
2) Set-up Tool 1

I suspect the clock had nothing to do with it.

When I set tool 1, I wrote another short program and had T1 as roughing and T8 as finishing, and it worked. Then I went back to my other program and set it to be T1 and T8, and it worked there too. Then I set my original program back to T8 for both roughing and finishing, and it was fine there as well.

So, it appears T1 needs to be configured on this control to do any work?!

Next step, I'll try to cut the actual part.