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McMaster-Carr catalogs,,,, AAAARHG! #*#*


Hot Rolled
Feb 14, 2008
Spooner, WI
I am fed up with Mcmaster Carr. I have had numerous problems with them. I have tryed to resolve these problems with them, but they keep giving me a bunch of BS. Mostly they say that its my fault.

I have since found different suppliers for everything Mcmaster Carr stocks, usually at about 20-40% less cost. I do miss the next day shipping, but that was one of the problems I was having with them.

I also could not get a catalog, but since I no longer use them, its not a problem.



Sep 10, 2006
Houston, Texas
Hi David,
I would love the #115 or anyone of them if you have one left andwould gladly pay shipping.
just let me know.

Steve's Hobby

Cast Iron
Feb 23, 2008
Orange County, CA
I have asked and gotton the same answer, the web ordering is good, but its nice when I can pick up the MSC catalogue and get to what I need now, not punch in this and that and hope the computer get it. Just placed a big order with MSC because I had the catalogue, got the numbers, put them in the web site, done deal, saves time.


May 17, 2015
McMaster-Carr catalog, the key to success!

Most people who rely on McMaster-Carr, and happen to change companies or start a new one, end up in the same position as you. Although I was never officially told this, it was heavily emphasized that until my new company had a DUNs number... I would probably not get a catalog. Back then (1988) it made sense to register with Dun & Bradstreet, so I went ahead and registered. The following year, without even requesting it, I received a McMaster-Carr catalog. I don't recall how much business $$ we did with them, but I'm certain it was tens of thousands of dollars per year.
The catalog is excellent for helping an engineer who is stuck on a design. Several times, I would just thumb through their catalog hoping to get struck with a flash of brilliance! More times than not, a fresh idea or perspective would hit me and I would finish my design.
McMaster is NEVER the best price, but was ALWAYS the best service and delivery... Order it by 3:00 p.m. and it would show up the next day with our 9:00 a.m. UPS delivery. (Lansing Michigan). I would use them to speed up the prototype process, their delivery was exceptional. But when we went into production we would go out for bids on all the components. I'm guessing that's how many companies work with McMaster, because I cannot imagine companies placing large-quantity orders with them.


May 8, 2022
Does anyone have a newer catalog they are willing to send me? I will pay for shipping. I would greatly appreciate it as I am a student going into engineering.

Thanks, Finn