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MEP 331 shark spider band saw rebuild option


Aug 1, 2017
I have the option to purchase a cnc band saw from a Italian company MEP

The saw is in a pawn shop ( somebody really was in financial distress for this to happen).

I could not power the saw because of power constraints ( it's a regular old pawn shop) no 3 phase power obviously.

I took a general look and it seems beat up for a 2016 industrial machine.

I popped the control board panel off and it had a power supply + breaker switches torn off.

Some body has gone in and tried to fix this and was unable to.

I can get this saw for around 3 - 5k usd .

Here in Mexico this saw is around 25 - 30 k brand new.

What do you guys think ?


Can you get electrical drawings for it? Are all the parts there? I might take a chance, but you have to point out to the seller that in its current condition his potential buyer list is VERY short. Get the price down as far as possible. It does take up a lot of floor space.