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Metal Shaper owners manual req'd


May 3, 2020
Hi folks, I have bought a made in Sweden, Prema Type 04 metal shaper, their largest model with a 19" inch stroke, in great condition, currently at my storage container.
I've been wondering does anybody have a copy of the owners manual out there?

There's a few posts on this forum from 2005 with that model on but i thought I would try my luck.

I have a Boxford Shaper 8" stroke which is based on the Southbend model most US folks are familiar with. So I'm not new to shapers. With the Prema 04 being so big i'm not looking forward to firing it up without looking over the maunal/destructions first and obviously paying a high price on lathes.co.uk for one isn't going to be my first choice.

If you can help I'd be grateful, or even any info or usage tips from your own use would also be great.

Cheers Mikey

(Lincoln UK)
Hi thanks for the link. There is a lot of detail but I was hoping somebody could nudge a friend who has a Prema shaper or the manual.
If anyone could do a video that would also really help, thankyou
I just brought home a Prema 03 16" shaper this past weekend.


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This is what I have. Not much, but it's probably as much as they offered back then.


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And some additional information that relates to the lubrication pump.


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Thats brilliant boys! Congrats on the Type 03 that looks like a nice clean machine. Andy thankyou for providing those sheets.
Hello Andy. thanks for sharing some scans from documentation.
I have restored Prema Type 03 that I recovered several years ago from junk yard. I did not do complete rebuild - scraping ways and stuff, just thorough cleaning, de-rusting, stripping and paint. All mating surfaces were either packed with dry grease or rusty.
Now it works quite OK, considering age and wear.
I have one question though - do you happened to have information (documentation) that you can share regarding procedure of adjustment stroke length and ram position. It seems cumbersome to me - tied one to another... If you have scans of relevant pages that will be great.