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Metrology Equipment I am bringing to this Saturday's Meet and Greet


Sep 28, 2002
Salinas, CA USA
I have decided to sell most of my optical metrology equipment and tools and will be bringing them to this Saturday's MEET AND GREET in Morgan Hill. For details on the Meet and Greet see the thread in General. Prices have not been set but will be below Ebay's SOLD listings.

Partial List of items:
K&E Alignment Telescope / Autocollimator
Brunson Jig Transit
K&E Machine Alignment level (not the exact name but I can't find my K&E optical tooling catalog right now)
Heavy duty tripods suitable for optical equipment (not K&E or Brunson)
Elevating and Angle stands for autocollimator
K&E alignment telescope stand with tooling ball and cup stand
Tooling Balls
Optical quality mirrors, incl. set for checking a surface plate with an autocollimator, Davidson spindle mirror, Davidson Adjustable mirror, and many more.
Precision levels (.0002"/ft, .0003"/ft)
Cup stand on Brunson stage
K&E cup mount
K&E Level in case
K&E Transit in case
K&E tripod
Mitutoyo Gage block set
Do-All Gage Blocks and gage block holders (base, racks, end pieces, etc.)
Mahr Millimess indicator on Mahr stand in wood box
Challenge 8x8x8 cube in wood case
Small lapping plate
(3) small cylindrical squares
4x3x3 block with tapped holes
Toolmaker's buttons
Planer Shaper Gauge

Books: 3 boxes, $1 per book, buy the entire box. These are all the books that were left after my last book sale (do a search), there are lists of books at the end of each thread.

Non-Metrology equipment:
2J collets and D1-3 collet chucks. Several sets, including one set by 64ths, a set by 32nds. I also have a metric set but don't plan to bring it unless there is some interest.
Monarch 10EE parts, several bins full.
Ball screws, linear bearings and several leadscrews from various machines
Hydraulics: clamps, valves, misc.

Don't bother to reply, I will not be watching this post.
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