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Metrology Training Courses - need some help finding the right path


May 21, 2024
Dallas, TX
Hello - For background...our company is a distributor of rubber and plastic components. We have an inspection group that primarily measures with standard metrology tools (micrometer, calipers, etc.). We also have an engineering group that helps our customers with design of our components.

I would like to find a course(S) that these teams could take that would expand our knowledge of the types of tools and techniques that can be used to measure more challenging features and/or blind features. I think we do a good job on the major/minor dimensions but lack knowledge of tools and techniques that would allow us to enhance our abilities and probably increase accuracy of measurements.

I can't send the whole team out of state for a series of 6 two day courses over 6 months - so something like that isn't an option. Likewise, I want to give them more hands-on training than a book and some videos. Something locally could work (Dallas TX area) or perhaps a company that could come in and tailor the instructions a bit more to our world of components - as the tolerances for rubber and plastic parts are quite different than machined metal components.

Any ideas or resources? Thank you very much.
I'd call the SME (Society of Mfg. Engineers) as they host and sponsor all sorts of mfg. Classes all over North America. Also in Sept. At the IMTS show in Chicago the SME sponsors classes. I used to teach for the SME, for machine rebuilding technology.