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Microscope tool measurement help


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Hello to everyone!
I have written to this forum because I neeed some help.
Recently, I bid and I have bought from Surplex. ltd an old German used tool destinated to check and measurement of grinded tool for lathe, boring, milling an so on.
I have in my homeshop a lathe, a toolroom milling machine, grinding devices and I like to practice on them from time to time.
I am new in home made metrology and I no not know how to use it.
In attach I have some pictures of this german microscope device.
If there are somebody to guide me or to show me some bibliography or referece manual to learn myself how to use, it will be very usefuly for me. Any advice is important to me, belive me.
Please, help!


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I think the little boxes hold reticles for the eyepiece and it's used to visually compare tool geometry like radius and angle. It doesn't seem to function like a conventional toolmaker's microscope with fine micrometer control of the x and y axis'.


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Thank you for your answer. Very useful.
I also search on this forum and I have found interesting information about OMT history and documents or manuals related with.
I also have found a lot of data about those vintage tools.
It seems to be a kind of rare tools, because in ours digital days, the computers do all for humans.
I am happy to find this tool (bought for no more then 200 USD) and I will learn how to use it in my mechanical homeshop.

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