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Mid 1960's P&H Tig welder, $320.


Feb 14, 2013
New York City,
Purchased 4 years ago from the estate of a sculptor in NYC. It was sitting on the original pallet with the inspection stickers etc still attached. The tig torch had a finger switch, I don't think he ever used the foot-pedal. I had to carry it down a narrow metal staircase to get it out of there which was an all day job for two guys and a come-along.
I replaced the power cord put a new cooling fan inside. The grease had hardened in the motor.
Works fine. I ran it off a 60 amp breaker but I wasn't flooring the pedal in thick aluminum. 220v single phase.
Comes with almost empty argon bottle, a size 18 water-cooled Linde tig torch, a heavy stinger cable and holder and a regulator with a broken sight glass ( I let the bottle fall over...) I don't have a spare earth line, but you could repurpose the stinger lead to tig weld. Some scuffs now in the paintwork since I've moved it 3 times since I got it. Its on a custom rolling dolly. Can be demonstrated with my aircooled torch.
If it doesn't sell quickly, its got to go to scrap unfortunately. I would screw the front panel to my shop wall, put the pedal on ebay and move on. I just don't have the space for it anymore. I bought it because it worked, looked showroom new, and i figured I needed a welder as old as myself. I just liked the "look" of the thing.
Its in Pine Island, New York.

P&H Welder - Google Photos


Oct 10, 2009
If your goal is to sell the machine might be a good idea to state what the hell it is.

Runs on a 60 amp breaker is not a description.

Explaining the complexities of extracting the machine doesn't really mean a thing to anyone else.

Might even go as far as to state what size the argon bottle is since that could be the majority of the value.