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Midaco Pallet Changer


Jun 22, 2022

We have a haas vf4 with the midaco pallet changer, last week (6/17) Haas came in and did some software updates on all of our machines, the vf4 is the only one with the pallet changer. After they did the update we could no longer get the Midaco table to connect, any M50/M51/M52 code resulted in an error, or wouldn't go to the table. We found out that the software update was for a cnc with a robot and not a pallet changer, so they came in the next day with a patch to fix that issue. After the patch, we could get the A side to run, but it would no exchange for B. After about 2 hours and multiple times powering everything down, we finally was able to do an M50 and do the table exchange, ran a cycle through the program and everything seemed good. Our second shift crew had an issue where they pressed the "pallet ready" button and it released the table inside the mill as if it was pulling it out, the dog even made the movement to pull it out. After that happening, 3 times, we realized what was going on so now we have to wait until one side is done and ready to come out before pressing the pallet ready button. We are also having the issue where after a setup and program change, we have to mess with shutting everything down and restarting to get it to do an m50 table change, when you press the pallet ready button the A table is where it should be to come out, but it just sits there. We had an alarm once on the Midaco control panel something about CNC not lined up or something along those lines.

We can do an A exchange to bring the table in or take it out, and we can can m52 the B table and do a B exchange.

Haas is supposed to be coming back in, but has anyone had this issue? We had zero problems before they did the latest update.