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Mikron UCP 600 - Heidenhain iTNC530 dead pc?


Jan 4, 2014
Portland, OR
About an hour ago, the screen on our Mikron just went black, and it e-stopped in the middle of a cut.

Machine has been running 24/7 for about a week. No signs of anything out of the ordinary. When I boot the machine, everything looks normal, lights come on, etc... But the main drive shows "power fail", and the pc (at the operator panel) doesn't show any signs of life. Machine appears to be e-stopped, and nothing moves. I cannot connect to the PC with the TNCremo software, so pretty sure it is totally dead.

I have the procedure for testing the main drive/inverter, which I did, and it appears to boot up and wait for "NC reset" when it's disconnected from everything else.

Anybody have further advice and/or wisdom on this one? We don't have any local Mikron service in Portland/Seattle that I know of. Fired off emails to GF support and Heidenhain support. Will start making frantic phone calls in the morning. :crazy:
Incoming power appear to be just fine so far.

Machine booted back up the following morning, and then the PC died again after about 30 minutes. GF support told me to pull the hard drive out (it slides down out of the PC unit in the cabinet), and reseat it. I went ahead and did that, and it hasn't acted up again. Will update if anything else exiting happens.
Did you try unplugging and plugging it back in?

Maybe check the power supply for the
Pc? Maybe try rigging up an external psu for just the pc? I will pray to the machine gods for you.