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Mill Tooling Setup

Marty 69

Jan 6, 2021
Hi Guys ,
Finally time to join and ask for some advice after lurking here for a while .
I've done a search thru the forum which has given me a lot of general information , but its time to start asking questions .
Turret Mill , 5hp , 40 taper , 1600 kg's .
Brand new Taiwanese machine , in house maintenance work and machining new jigs and setup fixtures for our manufacturing equipment .
Majority of work is Ali , then some mild steel .
I have a ER Collet chuck , drill chuck and a 45 degree face mill as of now , that's getting the job done but lots of tool swapping so I'm starting to look at options on what extra tooling to buy.
Side lock vs Er chucks , initial thought is to have 3-4 side locks set up with dedicated end mills for the general stuff and a couple more ER's for the odd sizes ?.
Drilling and tapping , majority of tapping is M4 to M12 ,for this I'm thinking a dedicated ER chuck and collets .
Square shoulder insert end mills , 16 to 25 dia , pro's/cons for mixed work . Any advice on what insert types that are nice and free cutting vs proprietary inserts to steer clear of ??
Boring heads vs Boring & Facing heads , I know I've got a job coming up that will need a boring head , for those that have both , how much use does the facing side of the head get ?
I know those are all very general questions and there's a lot of "what ifs" , what I'm doing is very simple low accuracy work .
Interested in the thoughts of you guys that do this work for a living .