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Millermatic 10a wire feeder rollers needed

Nov 10, 2017
Madison Virginia
Just thought maybe some would care for an update. I have been working with Larry of Weldmart Online Welding Supplies, Parts, Machines and Welding Repair | Weldmart Online out of Texas. He thought he could get me rollers for the Millermatic 10A feeder but did not really have what I wanted. He did fix me up with a nice new gun. I did buy a roller from him that would have sort of got me going with 0.035 wire but I really wanted 0.030 wire. He did not have rollers for 0.030 wire. My hang up getting the machine working has been finding feeder rollers. I have called multiple welding repair shops in Virginia and out of state, one thought he had some old ones in back warehouse but came up dry. Someone had suggested watch Ebay for some NOS. I have been watching Ebay since I started this thread 3 months ago and still not seen any come along. I did see someone selling a whole Millermatic 10A feeder with a set of 0.030 rollers so I purchased that whole feeder and cannibalized the feeder rollers out of it. Now I have a working unit. It does not weld as hot as I thought it should, I have not taken time to really play with it as much as I would like to. I did pull the shield off and sand / clean the contacts which helped but still not as good as I hoped.
So I paid $115 for the machine
$375 for the new mig gun w/ adapter, a roller, and a few other odds and ends
$17 for some misc hardware,
$15 for postage for something
$50 for a gas regulator
$192 for a set of rollers cannibalized out of a feeder that I bought.
So now I have a working machine, albeit not working quite as good as I hoped though I have confidence I will get it working better soon, for a cost of
$764, Bother I saw one sell on auction working for about $350 just last week.
So I did not get the bargain I hoped for. I think I have a working machine that will sever me well. I might one day decide to try and convert it to 220volt.