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Milltronics Partner Mill w Centurion 5 control programming


Jan 28, 2021
Having trouble with the conversational mill pocket function on Milltronics version 5.73. In the tool pierce - start mill cycle event, the Z axis straight plunges from the Z clearance value to the first Z depth value, even when the "ramp" setting is turned on. Then it does a rapid up in Z back to the Z clearance Height then ramps down to the first Z depth. It is also ramping down at a steep angle. I am also having an issue with the feed rate of the cutter being changed to 5 in/min after running a program when it was originally set to 50. This only happens after a program runs and happens after deleting the program and starting over...

My main concern is the funky dance in Z.

Also, is there a parameter for the ramp "angle"? Thoughts on feed rate changing automatically?

I'll try to post an images of the related input screens. Any help is appreciated.
How large is the endmill you are using vs the size of the pocket? Might want to check that out.
As for the feedrate try putting a decimal in all the feedrate values. 50. instead of 50