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Milltronics vm17 software estop


Sep 4, 2020
I have a vm17 with centurion 6 controls. The problem I’m having is the machine is stuck in software estop mode. The readout shows that the z axis is minus when the z axis is all the way up. It should read plus when the axis is up. Also the big vfd says external fault. I thought the encoder was bad so I replaced the z axis motor and encoder with new but still says minus when it’s up. I raised the the z axis all the way up and now all I get is the software estop and the machine won’t let me lower the z axis all or any axis actually. I tried holding the reset button while trying to lower the z axis but nothing works. The machine did crash while drilling a hole. Not a horrible crash but hard enough to break the drill bit. Could that have caused mt problem in the first place? I’m far from an expert on this so any help someone could give me would be greatly appreciated. Is there a way to reset the software? I think I’m against the limit switches since I raised the z axis up but now can’t get it to move down off the switch. Is there a way to change the z axis from minus to plus since it’s stuck all the way up now? Thanks in advance for any help you could give meIMG_2654.jpegIMG_2653.jpeg
Been a while since I've run a cent 6 but you are on the right track. Try jog screen and hold reset and jog z-
But I suspect you have a spindle drive fault, the F7 is the spindle drive. You input screen is showing software E-stop so I don't think that is your upper limit. You should have a couple more screens of inputs/outputs you should be able to find Z home and Z+ limit to see if they are made. Think it's in the "Next" screen IIRC.

I would power down the machine for a few minutes at least and re-boot to see what happens.

Last resort is Milltronics help - They ain't as good as they once was, but they can still help you out of a jam.

Good luck, let me know if I can try to help further
Thanks for the reply. I think it may be time to call milltronics on this one as I’m in way over my head but thanks for helping