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Richard King

Jul 12, 2005
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
I have ben threatening to retire for heck, 5 years or so. I can't afford to retire. LOL

Teaching in Minnesota has saved me as the driving and flying for hours on hours was burning me out. I have had a nice time going out my back door and walking 150 feet to my shop. It has been a Godsend as I can teach and not get burnt out. Traveling for 40 years and living out of a suitcase was no fun. I have seen and done some amazing things but now that I am semi retired at age 71 I am pretty happy. I talked it over with my wife of 47 years and have picked some dates in 2022 that I can devote to teaching classes this year that I love to teach.

My schedule.

Feb 9 - 13 Cottage Grove, MN 3 of 4 places sold - 1 spot open
March 8- 12 Cottage Grove, MN 2 of 4 places sold - 2 spots open
April 5 - 9 Salt Lake City, UT 4 of 7 places sold - 2 places open
May 9 - 13 Factory class in Idaho Private - No places open
May 17 - 13 Cottage Grove, MN 0 of 4 places sold 4 open
June 13 - 17 Cottage Grove, MN 0 of 4 Places sold 4 open
July 20 - 24 Cottage Grove, MN 0 of 4 places open 4 open
Aug Vacation
Sept 19 - 23 Cottage Grove, MN 0 of 4 places open 4 open
Oct 11 - 15 Cottage Grove, MN 0 of 4 places open 4 open
Nov 14 - 18 Cottage Grove, MN 0 of 4 places open 4 open
Dec 10 - 14 Cottage Grove, MN 0 of 4 Places open 4 open

I would change locations and teach more in other places, but You would need to organize it. - I would like to go to Springfield, VT where Warren Jones had planned a class in 2020 and 2021 but because of Covid, we had to cancel them. I am open to travel anywhere to teach, but as I said I would prefer to stay in Minnesota. I will keep the cost the same as I the 2020 for the MN classes. Students can always ask for help or consulting free of charge. Many of my Students have You Tube shows - Search - Richard King Scraping- and there is dozens of wonderful shows. I will continue to write here giving advise as Practical Machinist is family.

Please contact me here or email me at [email protected] I also sell these on eBay.

Thanks, Rich