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Mist collector placement


Mar 14, 2005
I am curious where others have placed mist collectors in relation to the machine they are used for. I have an Okamoto wet grinder that I want to add a mist collector to, the issue I have is space around the machine. In the toolroom, square footage is a limited resource and I have at best 3 foot clearance on the sides and rear of the wet grinder so getting access for servicing is going to be a problem. My toolroom is enclosed and climate controlled with a mezzanine above it. Currently, our dust collector is up there, as well as a 240v 3 phase breaker panel. I would like to place the mist collector up there as well, coming through the ceiling and directly above to the proposed mist collector in as straight of a shot as I can. This would give me the most closest access to power and ample room around the unit to allow servicing. Sounds simple enough but Torit is telling me not to do it this way and Royal is saying no problem. As far as vertical lift, from the edge of the wheel guard's attached pipe to the units location would about 10' to 12' at the most. Has anyone else ran a mist collector that high as for as lift and run into any issues?
You can't just put it on top of the machine? The only problems I see is fire and moisture in the attic. With a plastic duct coated in oil (water will evaporate) it can get an errand spark and go up like a Christmas tree with the blower stoking the flames. Use stuff that won't burn (rigid steel duct) and put in a baffle with a fusible link. I'm not a trained OSHA guy...it's just what I would do. I'd also not vent into the attic but out the roof or side wall as there will still be some moisture.
Ager, We have small Microair units on our surface grinders; they are mounted from the ceiling with pickup points on the wheel housing, and dowd stream of the wheel itself. The drain from the unit drains back into the coolant tank.