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Mits FX10 new odd behavior - part of fluid stays on even after M02

Wade C

Jul 21, 2004
Wiggins CO. USA
96ish Mits FX10 and it has recently started keeping part of the flush water on at the end of the program. Running the same program I have ran for 2 years, with no program changes that I can find when comparing whats in the machine with the copy on the computer. Everything seems to run fine otherwise.

Normally - I load parts on the fixture and run the program, it threads, fills tank, cut parts, and at the end, cut wire (which has always in the past, shut off the flow and cut the wire), drain tank, then M2 and the buzzer goes off. But recently, it has gone to kicking the upper and lower flush cups back on after the wire cut. Then it drains the tank, hits its M02 and the buzzer goes off - but the upper and lower flush cups are still running full force - making a mess.
As a check, I added a line before the cut that shuts off machining, wire, and fluid M85 M83 M81, another 2 lines after the wire cut M21 line, and before the tank drain M58, with repetitive flush off codes M81.
M85 M83 M81
But it still leaves the flush cups flowing. The tank recirculation does shut off when expected. I initially thought it was one of the water valves stuck - but every time, I can press the fluid button on the panel or pendant and they shut off. No lag, no delay, not sometimes, but every time.

The flush cup flow does shut off on its own when ever it needs to thread, but it only does it once it starts the threading cycle. For example... wire breaks during cutting... flush stays on, work tank circ shuts off (used to be both shut off). Re positions to threading location with cup flow on, tank starts to drain to thread and the flush cups shut off then (not making any mess). It threads, fills the tank, and then the flush and circulation turn on (on low during trace back), gets to position, flush goes to high, and cutting resumes and then again, after the wire cut, tank drain, and M02 - the flush cups stay on but tank circulation is off. Press the fluid cycle button once, and it shuts right off.

Any ideas where to start? Guessing probably OS reinstall is probably one of the first things I need to try - eh?