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Mitsubishi DWC-90SZ Wire EDM, part-out


Oct 18, 2009
I have a Mitsubishi DWC-90SZ Wire EDM machine being stripped for parts. With no EDM experience and Mitsubishi's fine support, it seemed impractical to make this run again. Most of the electronics are in excellent condition. Some metal stuff like chassis parts have some corrosion from condensation, as it sat in an unheated building for a while.

If someone wanted to build their own sinker EDM, there is a lovely Japanese made vertical ram, as well as the small X/Y servo stage (this was a 5 axis machine). This stuff is HEAVY, so will not be cheap to ship.

The CNC control rack and servo drives are now gone. I am probably keeping the servo motors. Most of the machine-specific electronics racks are still here, as well as all the wire handling stuff. Solenoid valves for fluids and air are still here. Two pumps are here, the big one is gone. A lot of the parts seem common to DWC-110SZ and similar machines.

You can find some of the parts on eb-y by searching "Mitsubishi DWC-90SZ". PM me if there are particular parts you need. I have had no complaints from any of the buyers of parts to date.

Between Christmas and New Years I am going to be cleaning, and some of the electronics modules are going to be stripped of relays and put in the dumpster. I am simply out of room! So I am open to reasonable offers.