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Mitsubishi EA28V alarm help


Cast Iron
Mar 7, 2012
Ormond Beach
Hello, I recently took over the EDM duties and have a question. Machine is Mitsubishi EA28V Sinker.

This problem just started today in which the EDM is alarming out giving me a “U787 Fluid Interlck 0000” Error. After researching the error on the control it said to take out and clean the tank floats which I did. It did not help the error. Sometimes it would error out after a few seconds when the fluid is filling, sometimes it will take a minute or two after it is completely filled.

Do you know why this is happening and how to remedy it?



Hot Rolled
Nov 25, 2011
Should be 2 floats in main holding tank and 2 in the work tank. Your machine is newer but should be similar. The main tank floats prevent the pumps from running when oil is too low. Have you checked your oil level (with work tank empty) should be a level indicator for easy check. Usually oil should be almost right to the top.

The 2 in the worktank are behind the lever where you adjust oil height. One is to make sure oil height is maintained. Other is to make sure tank doesn't over fill.