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Mitsubishi FX20 U700 Error HELP!


Jul 24, 2022
We have a Mitsubishi FX20 wire EDM we are selling and have a buyer coming tomorrow to look at. It's a good machine all around and has been well maintained. We need the floor space as we don't use it as often as we would like. Go to fire it up to make sure all is well and It's flashing a U700 WRONG PWR SUP error when I push the "Ready" button which is what normally turns it all on and makes everything work.

If I HOLD the Ready button in it still flashes the error code but everything works fine as long as I'm holding the Ready button.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction as to what might the issue? It was just working fine a few weeks ago when we took video of it working to send to potential buyer.

Please note there are no water tanks to the machine as we returned them. We pulled the float valves and flipped em over so it wouldn't alarm out and can show everything moving which it did fine just a few weeks ago.

Any help or guidance is appreciated.
I would assume that means you have a faulty power supply somewhere and it needs to be replaced.

Get your multimeter out check all the voltages at the PS to confirm it's good.
You unhooked the water tanks or do you mean Resin tanks ??
Is it with a T215 Code? Check the three fuses below the monitor. When it happened to me we had to replace one of them and that fixed it.