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Mitsubishi FX20 - Z axis issue


Sep 11, 2018
I have problem with Z axis, sometimes during Z axis moving downwards randomly stop and show M06 H/W STROKE END Z. Alarm suddenly disappear and I can continue moving Z down.
I took off the belt and when it goes down I can stop the shaft with my fingers.
I tried some options connected with servo and if I change for example Basapara CCW - It works properly. Then after restart, Servo goes wrong direction because of this setting and If i go Z- (Z column goes up) the same situation happened (It stopped and M06). If I go Z+ (column down) it goes flawlessly.
So in my opinion it's settings problem that if current on servo is too high it stops.

Other situation is when I set Z axis on eg. Z=20.000 then when I press on remote CENTER POS and arrow then Z axis change value eg. Z=21.321 (random) but about +-1.5mm. I'm not sure but 75% that Z axis not moving, only numbers change.
Any ideas how to fix it?

Screw and linear guides looks ok, a lot of grease.

Best regards