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Mitsubishi Meldas 65SM E51 error after restore from internal backup


Apr 17, 2024
Got "server error" problems after the battery failure (this time no warning "battery low voltage")
3axis vertical machining center with IC (card?) 2007my

Changed the battery.
Found the 2012 backup in the NC box backup menu.

E51 File open error.
MDI menu is not working.
HOSTSET is cleared by the restoration and I input the parameters as before (ftp server) BUT the moment I touch the menu HOST the machine turns off (even the light) and the NC control freezes showing the HOST parameters different from what I input. Only on/off makes it back alive.

I cannot connect via RS-232 (no result) maybe the wrong connectors or parameters (some say need a port directly on motherboard of an old pc).
My working programs on IC are OK and the machine starts executing them.
The problem is - I cannot send ANY new programs to the machine so I can't work.

Now I am not sure that even with OK rs-232 the machine will correctly mill.

I found here about MEMORY clear procedure that helps.
The question is - where is my backup and how to get it to another external place not to be formatted or damaged while that MEMORY clear?
If it is on some card (IC? How does it look like?) where is it located and can I eject it for reading without damaging the machine parameters?
And if it is not - how to get the files from the NC Mitsu?

Much appreciate any help or links


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I have found the "cassete" inside the NC box I guess it's a PCMCIA card
Is it safe to eject it and read using the adapter?
Does battery influence on this card?
Post a picture of the "cassette". If it is a SRAM type PCMCIA card it will have an internal battery or possibly super cap that retains the card memory. If a battery type, a dead battery in the card will corrupt data. If a super cap type, the cap is charged by the card being inserted into the slot so no data loss occurs. If the card is FLASH type there is no battery or super cap so no worries about data loss.

On my Meldas 50MM, doing the memory clear operation has no effect on the card contents. I expect the same would be true on your 65. The card contents can be read on a PC with the correct slot. Not all O/S will read the card natively and may need an app. One old laptop I had required a program called Card Wizard to read a card properly.
Thanks a lot!
Looking for a reader and an old laptop there was an ancient toshiba in the basement..
I'll try one more time rs-232 connection before disconnecting the card
I am afraid to destroy the "almost working" expensive machine


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found 2 files saved on diskette
N00001 P 4E
N00002 P 30
N00003 P FE
N00004 P C0
N00005 P 5F
N00006 P 3E
N00007 P 00
N00008 P 0E
N00009 P 85
N00010 P DE and so on

the second:
N20L0L0L0L0 and so on

Could those be some manufacturer's machine original parameters to restore?
In your picture, I do not see a PCMCIA card.

Those file samples are the correct format for parameter backups. A full backup of my Meldas 50MM is 3 files. I do not know if 2 files is the normal for a newer Meldas.
Para200 contains all the settings and options, Mitsubishi told me that's supposed to be the ALL1 file (which I would say is not true because ALL1 outputs Para100 on my machine via serial port)

o250 is the ladder file (which is supposed to be ALL3), I did not have to reload that on my side - are you sure the PLC is also gone?
ALL2 would be the tooltable

treat those files like gold, I would never trust those battery backed cassettes.. the machine I'm working with was idling for 2-3 years since the original owner has no idea about it. Mitsubishi always wanted to send someone to have a look at the machine (highly inefficient, but that's their $business) I told them I might consider a visit when all the obvious issues on that machine are fixed.. (so far I only need to check the ATC, everything else seems to be okay now)

You can just reload those settings (I did that a few weeks ago).
However I loaded the settings via Data Input / 3 Parameters but I had to change the format of the file:
eg. N01001T1P1T2P0T3P0

I wrote a small python script to translate the original file:

I just loaded the translated file via serial port, for the serial port it's important that either you set up some delay between the transactions or set up proper handshaking. Just throwing the data at the meldas controller will very likely result in an error.

Also when reloading the settings - there are rs232 settings inside (possibly ethernet settings too?), it will reset all the current settings immediately so the connection might interrupt if eg. on the serial port the speed setting is different in that backup file.
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