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Mitutoyo 900mm DRO, Transformers, Static Phase Converter, Oil Lubricator, and others


Aug 14, 2017
Trying to get rid of a few things I got in a lot at an auction I have no need of. All prices do not include shipping.

1. Mitutoyo AT2-N900 900mm DRO scale. Appears to be used, no idea if it works. All of the other stuff that was with the DRO were kept as spare parts, but I know how much stake I would put in that statement myself, so... $100 OBO

2. Square D Transformer C1S67F. Drops single phase high voltage down to 110v or 220v. 2 available. $250 ea OBO. These appear to be unused-all the knockouts are still in place.

3. Static phase converter-unbranded, potentially homemade? This came off a lathe I purchased, I believe it was either 120v or 240v input and 240v 3 phase output. The lathe did run on this contraption. What you see is what you get. Don't kill yourself with it. $50 OBO

4. Norgren Air Regulator/Lubricator, B10-000-3SMO L10-000-MPEO. Unused, comes with a mounting bracket and some hardware. $50 OBO

5. Quipp 4148 Stepper driver. Appears to have been kept as a spare at the facility I got it from. I doubt anyone will want this, but i'm already making this post so why not.

6. Rhino PSP05-020S power supply. 120-240v input, 5.1v 4.0A output. Appears to be unused in box. $25 OBO

7. Accu Coder Model 725. Didn't find much on this since the part number is about 90 characters long. Appears to be in good shape. $50 OBO.


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Aug 14, 2017
Bump with new prices
DRO scale $50
Transformers $150
Static phase converter $25
Air regulator $25
Power supply $10
Encoder $25