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Mitutoyo AT2-N Linear Scale Retrofit


Nov 29, 2021
Hi all,

I have a Cincinnati Hydrashift lathe that I'm currently cleaning up that has Mitutoyo AT2-N linear scales on it. Unfortunately, there was no display with the machine.
These scales have a 6 pin round connector on them, I'm hoping to cut the connectors off and use a common DB9 type plug. Does anyone have any experience with these scales or thoughts?

The pinout I've been able to find is:
1. +5VDC
2. A
3. B
4. ABS
5. 0VDC
6. Sealed

I'm hoping that I could just use the 0V & 5V and A & B wires on a DB9 connector and use a cheap generic display, but won't cut these scales up if there's no chance of success.
I was thinking I'd just try to source an old Mitutoyo display that would work, but I don't really want to shell out for one just to find the scales don't work.
I have an old Mit display with two scales ( round plug) installed on my mill. I asked Mitoyo if the new scales would work with an adapter and they are not compatible. So my guess is that you may have problems if trying to change out the plug.
Interesting, thanks for the information. I was hoping to go with a generic budget Amazon/Accusize display, sounds like I might be better off just getting scales to match the display as well.
I had the opposite problem to yours, I had the reader but no scales and ended up buying some scales from PM members.
You should be able to find a display with a wanted ad in the for sale section. You never know what people have kicking around.
Depends on the box.
Obviously some mit boxes hook right up.
The AT2-N 6 pin are the .005mm scales. They output a square wave with a 20micron pitch.
This connects directly to almost all boxes an controls out there but only giving .001 inch resolution.
To get under that is the AT2-FN scales. Here is sine wave and a extra dividing decoder needed to square wave (about $250 per axis for the black box)
So yes it should connect to just about any lost cost DRO made for square waves.
It may be necessary to tie the A-,B-,I- from the DRO to ground for some but not normally.
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Thanks for the information, I think I'm willing to buy a cheap DRO and try it. Worst case is I will have to buy new scales if I can't get the Mit scales to work, so not really wasting any money if it doesn't end up working. I'll report back once I've tried it.