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Miyano BND 34T (Fanuc 0T) lathe - B axis programming


Jun 17, 2022
Northern KY / Cincinnati area
I have an older Miyano BND 34T lathe with a B axis (6 tool turret inline with the spindle) that runs Fanuc 0T control. I have no operators manual (can't find one to save my life either), and I'm trying to figure out how to program the B axis. From what I can tell it runs as sort of a subroutine within the main program itself. You need to program a G101; then finish with a G100; then you have to put a M140; after the G100 to get it to execute.
I think I've (if somewhat hesitantly) got the B axis moving but I'm drawing a blank on changing tools in the B axis turret (much less setting those offsets). I've gotten advice that the tool calls are T61-T66; as well as T71-T76, though none of those seem to change the turret tool. (Maybe it needs to be called before the G101? Haven't tried that yet) Also, I have no clue what offset those could be calling, but it's looking at something. I've programmed a 25.0mm move and it'll move up to 24.4mm consistently, there's a 0.6mm that it's looking at somewhere.
If anyone has experience with this, advice would be greatly appreciated.
Or, if anyone knows where I can get a early 90's vintage BND 34T operators manual, I'd greatly appreciate that too.