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Miyano BND-42S5 w/Fanuc 21 control- No Rapid Override

just posted this message on another forum (example is to have Fanuc 31i-B machine to be used with DRY RUN override knob as a way to control machines RAPID:

For those who wants to have RAPID control using a switch, instead 4 buttons, sort of MAZAK and DMG have. Control 31i-B as an example., U need to use G96.7 bit to activate it and attach ( through Custom PLC ) you switch to G96.0- G96.6 bits to control it. Here is example for RoboDRILL machine with 31iB control. In starts from the line N00022. Also, one KEEP relay bit needs to be inserted into Fanuc PLC to disable G96.7 control. Line N34 is where Fanuc PLC is disabling G96.7 control for TOOL CHANGE M06 function.


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Sinha- The grph/cstm button does not do anything in any mode. As far as I can tell this is not implemented on my machine. Also I don't see any menus anywhere that mention it and nothing in the manual.

I may in the future see what can be done but for now I need to just get this thing going with finished parts rolling off the little conveyor belt.

Thanks for all the help.