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Mk 1.5 Colchester 15x48 headstock oil seal

any oil leaks ..........the max revs is around 1200,which is no problem for a seal ......car gearbox seals often go to 7000 revs without problems.
Aumotive input shafts are around 1” in dia.
We are talking here like 4”+ it’s all about surface speed.
Cheers Ross
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Well,all I know is the seal on mine has given no problems ...Hell Im no engineer............see in the news .."Engineers lose tunnel boring machine ,stabilize cave- in with urethane foam ......and fill the tunnel with poison gas"
Well think your suggestions are a bit premature.
No reason a lathe spindle needs a seal, wasn’t ‘t done by the OEM.
think it wiser to disassemble and evaluate what he has
If it’s not modified don’t see any reason to fit a seal. Slingers are keeping oil in lathe spindles all over the globe by the millions.
Cheers Ross