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Model 55-2 Mini-Jector Injection Molder


Feb 11, 2019
Plastic injection molder, works good, no hydraulic leaks. I used this for some prototype before I had production molds made on several products I developed. I no longer need it and it's time to move on. It's in great condition and has minimal use. Asking $11,000 or reasonable offers. Located near Pittsburg and willing to ship.

The Model #55 "Wasp" Mini-Jector injection molding machine uses a reciprocating screw plasticizing injection unit. The machine utilizes the same self-clamping "V" mold system used on plunger type "Wasp" Mini-Jectors but rather than depending on injection ram force the Model #55 "Wasp" uses an independent short stroke hydraulic cylinder to generate that force. This permits full clamp force independent of injection pressure. The Model #55 requires only 230 volt single phase power and requres no more 3.5 sq. ft. of bench space. It has a self-contained hydraulic power unit of 5.4 gallon reservoir with a 2 HP 1725 RPM motor driving a 2.3 GPM gear pump. Adjustments are provided for screw speed, back pressure and injection pressure, and as an option, for injection speed. Overall and injection dwell times are cotrolled by solid state timers plus three auto-tune pyrometers control rear, front and nozzle area temperature.

All of the specs can be found at https://www.plasticsnet.com/doc/model-55-0001
This one has the option mold heaters. One of the heat rods is currently broken and needs replaced, they're about $40.


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